There isn’t a day that goes by without our drawing materials getting a good workout. We like to mix it up so here a ten more ideas to inspire children to “think outside the box” when it comes to drawing. If you missed our first ten creative drawing prompt ideas then click here. Without further ado here is part two:

1. Scribble drawings

1. A scribble drawing is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to inspiring a creative piece. This is where you basically scribble, using your whole arm, not just your hand, to make large loops and lines over the paper. Once you have a series of continuous lines and loops over your paper, carefully examine the shapes and patterns and see if you can use them to inspire a picture.

In the photo below my daughter spotted a mermaid shape in her series of scribbles. Once you spot a shape that you can turn into a picture, carefully cut around the outline of the scribble and then add features (either draw, paint, or glue embellishments on) to complete your piece.

2. Puppet Show.

Draw a scene and some characters (to turn into puppets) to create a puppet show. It’s always fun coming up with names,voices and character traits for puppets.

3. Recycle gift wrap to inspire drawings.

Cut different patterned paper and pictures from gift wrap to create collage pieces. Use this to inspire a drawing.

4. Use stickers to inspire a drawing.

Stickers are always a hit in our home so combining two favourite activities – using stickers and drawing – leads to beautiful creative pieces.

5. Shadow drawings

Grab some coloured chalk, head outside and get creative adding all sorts of weird and wonderful additio0ns to a friends shadow.

6. Self Portraits

Set up an invitation to draw whereby you place a mirror on the table as well as drawing materials. Have your child/ren closely examine their facial features and then draw what they see.

7. Pop Up Play Scenes

This activity is such a versatile one because it can be easily modified to suit different interests and can be enjoyed by toddlers, as well as older children. Pop up play scenes can be incorporated into small world play. We have used them to make fairy lands, underwater worlds, farms, a knights castle and outer space scenes to name a few. Examples include:

Younger children can simply draw all over the canvas and end up with a colourful piece to play with like this:

Older children can have a go at drawing the pop up features onto a canvas (thick cardboard – not too thick because you need to be able to cut around the outline – we use a stanley knife to cut around each shape) and then decorate their canvas. The  best part is that these pop up scenes can be an excellent resource to combine with some existing toys and figurines for story telling purposes.

8. Drawing on a blackboard

Providing a variety of drawing materials allows children to experiment with different drawing techniques and puts a fresh, new spin on the drawing experience – perfect for exploring, experimenting, discovering and inspiring creative thinking.

9. Vary the look of  the paper supply.

Cut some random shapes out of  white and/or coloured paper. Children can incorporate these shapes into a drawing and use them to inspire creative thinking when it comes to their drawing creations.

10. Photo inspired drawings

Print out some photos and invite your child to cut them out and use them in their drawings. Alternatively, incorporate pictures from magazines into drawings.