If you are looking for an easy, mess free tree for young children to personalise, then this could be for you.


– Polystyrene cone shape (available from craft stores)

– Ribbon (pipe cleaners could be another option and are ideal to thread beads or bells onto)

– Decorative brad clips

– Glitter star stickers were used for the top of this tree (two stickers stuck back to back with a toothpick in between).


– Invite your child to organise the  ribbon (or pipe cleaners)  from longest to shortest (in length)

– Wrap the pieces of ribbon around the cone (longer pieces at the bottom)

– Alternatively, you may wish to thread beads, bells or buttons onto pipe cleaners and wrap these around the cone shape.

– Insert decorative brad clips into the polystyrene. You could also cut out star shapes, or use a star punch to add some coloured star shapes to the tree too (hold in place with one of the decorative brad clips).