Miss Four is right into any sort of painting that involves flicking, dripping and splatting. Miss Four loves to experiment when it comes to creating abstract art and our most recent painting experience was no exception. All of her exploring and experimenting resulted in some gorgeous artwork.

While painting, Miss Four decided that she would like to make the paint “more splatty”. She asked if she could mix some water with the paint. Miss Four was excited to discover the watery paint was perfect for flicking all over the houseĀ  her canvas.

Picture 26 abstract painting

The watered down paint was also ideal for pouring all over the canvas. Miss Four turned her paintbrush upside down and used the end of the paintbrush to drag it through the colours to create a swirling effect (Miss Four learnt about this when we iced some biscuits and used this technique for our biscuits).

Picture 40 abstract painting

The combination of the different techniques that Miss Four used resulted in a colourful artwork. Here it is still wet:

Picture 47 abstract painting

This painting took a couple of days to completely dry and here it is all dry:

Picture 57 abstract painting

On the same day, Miss Four also did a few “blob paintings” as she calls them. Miss Four used a paintbrush to dab paint onto the paper.

Picture 7 abstract painting

Then Miss Four folded her painting over and pressed the folded painting together (one of her favourite things to do with her paintings).

Picture 18 abstract painting

Miss Four’s art once it was dry.

Picture 62 abstract painting - dry

We now have these two vibrant artworks in our living room.