We’ve had some picture perfect, postcard blue skies over the past few weekends. Perfect for playing and creating outdoors. With all the time we have been spending outside, we decided that we need to add some colour to our backyard and we felt planting some flowers would be a great start. Flowers and the natural environment are a wonderful source of inspiration when it comes to creating too – the colours, textures, shapes, patterns and appreciating all the beauty that nature has to offer is a visual treat for the heart and soul and the perfect resource to stimulate the creative juices.

 With the decision made to buy some flowers, we took a  trip to the nursery where my cherubs each selected three pots of flowers that they wanted to plant and take care of.

We were thankful to have my dad on hand to help with planting our flowers. If possible, it’s always fun to include grandparents in these sorts of activities and any creative experiences. It’s the stuff that precious memories are made of and it’s special to create with three generations.

We needed to remove some soil from the pots to make way for some fresh potting mix.

 We took our time planting the flowers – soaking in the details; the colours, shapes of petals and leaves, fragrances as well as observing the odd worm and slug that made an appearance.

Miss Three was keen to help and plan which pots she wanted to plant her flowers in. Miss Three enjoyed learning the names of the different flowers.

The final task was to water our freshly potted flowers.

I think these pots of flowers are going to thrive as I have three super keen helpers eager to water and tend to them every single day.  My older children are very interested in observing new blooms and are looking forward to the changes that are going to occur as the days and weeks pass by. We already have some predictions about which pots are going to produce the most flowers and some theories as to why this might be the case. My older two children have concluded that “flowers need love” so they are also hugging their flower pots and tending to them in such a loving way.