Recently my hubby celebrated his birthday and our children were very excited to create a book for their Dad. He turned 38 so my children worked together to create a book titled, “38 Special Things About Our Daddy”.

It was a big surprise, so the excitement was heightened by making sure that this gift was made without Daddy knowing anything about it  (you can imagine all of the whispering that has been going on between a 4, 6 and 7 year old).

My children love to draw and create books so they thought it would be a memorable surprise to write and illustrate a book all about him. They wanted the gift to be something that they could all contribute to and this idea seemed to excite and inspire all three cherubs.

Each of our children contributed to the cover by drawing a picture of them self (Miss Seven drew Daddy too).

Picture 111 birthday book

We spent some time making a list of all the special qualities, skills and talents of Daddy. Once we had our list of 38 things it was time to create the pages.

Some of the pages include:

Our children are so blessed to have a daddy that loves to have lots of fun. He is always up for a game, playing and generally causing lots of laughter.

Picture 177 birthday book

When we were brainstorming ideas to include in this book, all three children mentioned something along the lines of Daddy valuing their favourite books, toys and games. So Master Five was responsible for  the page featured below. He drew a picture to represent each child’s interests. He drew a princess for Miss Seven  because she enjoys writing and illustrating princess stories, a car for himself and a fairy for Miss Four.

Picture 187 birthday book

My husband loves to cook and spends part of every weekend baking. He enjoys experimenting with different ingredients in the kitchen. More often than not he  has three helpers contributing ideas and really enjoy cooking up some delicious goodies with him.

Picture 117 birthday book

My husband is always coming up with new and innovative ways to create a cubby.

Picture 146 birthday book

Miss Four loves all of the fun games her Daddy makes up – she particularly likes all of the hiding games.

Picture 161 birthday book

Miss Seven was keen to include in the book the fact that their Daddy is a wonderful teacher.

Picture 182 birthday book

Master Six is always amazed at how Daddy can help him repair his cars.

Picture 164  birthday book

Throughout the book there are delightful drawings (such as drawings of our family)  by Miss Four.

Picture 193 birthday book

One of the most beautiful things my children were discussing was the fact that they know Daddy loved them so much and that he always will.

Picture 190 birthday book

After the book was made, our children were so excited to give this surprise birthday book. They felt the joy of making a gift from the heart and giving.

Finally the day came where it was time time to share their birthday surprise and Daddy was thrilled with the heartfelt creation.

There were lots of oooohs, aaaaahs and laughs.

Picture 217 receiving birthday book

Picture 225 receiving picture book

Picture 226 receiving birthday book