My children really enjoyed the latest invitation to create on our blackboard. This time we combined craft supplies with a list of creative drawing prompts. My children each chose (from a list) a creative drawing prompt. These drawing prompts included a bottle, a box, an open door, a cave, a bottle, a vase, a tree and a lake. We brainstormed what could be in, on, or behind each of these places and items.

For this creative invitation my children chose a drawing prompt to inspire a collage picture (using chalk and craft supplies)

Miss Four chose an open door for her creative drawing prompt, Master Six decided on a box and Miss Seven wanted to use a vase as a source of inspiration to create a collage.  Miss Seven helped me draw the creative drawing prompts on the blackboard.

The creative drawing prompts:

Picture 460 blackboard collage invitation to create

The craft supplies I gathered for this blackboard collage included coloured foam sheets, pom poms, coloured craft fuzz, buttons, coloured sticks, ribbon, cupcake liners, coloured circle cut outs, Blu Tack and coloured tissue paper.

Picture 463 blackboard collage craft supplies

I moved our drawing table closer to the blackboard so that all the supplies could easily be seen and accessed.

Picture 468 blackboard collage invitation to create

Each of my children had some ideas as to what they were going to create. Miss Four had a very clear vision and quickly finished her creation.

Picture 472 blackboard collage creating

Miss Four created a Princess for her open door. Miss Four is very proud of the fact that she cut all of the pieces for this princess by herself.

Picture 484 blackboard collage princess

A closer look at the sweet princess:

Picture 482 Blackboard collage Princess

Master Five created a colourful “Circus Dog”.

Picture 498 blackboard collage circus dog

Miss Seven spent some time decorating her vase and then creating vibrant  flowers for the vase.

Picture 506 blackboard collage vase

Picture 515 blackboard collage creations