With the persistent rain that doesn’t look like it is going to let up anytime soon, we’ve been making the most of it and embracing the showers. Playing out in the rain is the kind of stuff that memories are made of, so we spent a morning onĀ  the weekend making bottle cap boats to float on our foil river. I cannot claim credit for this idea, I saw it in the May 2012 issue of Family Fun magazine.

Before we went outside we made some bottle top boats. To do this you need bottle tops, some kind of mast (we used straws) and sails. We stuck the mast for each boat in a blob of play dough. My children were keen to decorate their sails with small feathers, sequins and cocktail umbrellas.

During a light shower, we prepared our foil river (as seen in The Family Fun magazine, May 2012) and set it up in the backyard so that it could catch some water for our boats. We were very lucky that we set this up and then did not end up with a downpour as it would have compromised the foil river. In fact, the whole time my children were playing with this there was only a light sprinkle of rain.

To create this foil river, lay pieces of heavy duty foil on flat ground and then fold the edges to hold the water.

Once outside, we also gathered some supplies to make boats from leaves and pieces of bark.