I recently purchased a roll of cartridge paper and to my children, a huge roll of paper means it’s time for some more body tracing.

There was lots of excitement as I traced around each of my three children – they love to hop up and see their outline.

Picture 513 body tracing

We used mostly collage materials to clothe and decorate these portraits. We had fabric pieces, ribbon, coloured paper, hole punches, glitter foam, patty pans, craft  fuzz and adhesive gems on hand.

Picture 620 body tracing creations in progress

The finished creations:

Picture 691 finished body tracing art

Miss Seven’s artwork:

Miss Seven was quick to use the hole punch to cut some butterflies for a yellow shirt. Miss Seven, lover of a bit of bling, then designed a sparkly pleated skirt – she cut strips of  pink and purple glitter foam and arranged them to create  the skirt. A few finishing touches were also included – red sparkly shoes and bow as well as a necklace and some nail polish.

Picture 695 Body tracing - sparkly skirt

Master Five’s creation:

Master Five started with the colourful spotty fabric to create a shirt for his outline and decided to really mix it up with some patterned fabric sleeves. To create the pants he glued on a combination of black foam and black and white striped paper. He made a silver belt for the pants and a watch for his character.

Picture 701 body tracing - polka dot shirt

Miss Four’s creation:

Miss Four was keen to select fabric pieces and asked for help to create a shirt and shorts  for her outline. Miss Four glued some ribbon pieces onto the shirt and used some scrap pieces of glitter foam to create the shoes.

Picture 707 body tracing - ribbon top

These three delightful characters are now hanging in our front entry.