Inspired by the bubble wrap art idea featured at Reggio Children Inspired which I saw via Meri Cherry’s page we decided to give it a go and add our own twist too. This beautiful art experience put my children’s fine motor skills to work and the finished pieces are gorgeous.

Picture 28 bubble wrap mosaic - flowers

These are fun to create and an excellent way to recycle any left over art and craft supplies (such as crepe paper,  tissue paper, ribbon or fabric).

The materials used: Bubble wrap (containing the large bubbles)  plus pieces of coloured crepe paper, tissue paper and ribbon.

Picture 70 materials for bubble wrap mosaic


Picture 96 creating bubble wrap mosaic

To create these gorgeous works of art we used the bubble wrap sheets that contain the large bubbles.

We brainstormed ideas for pictures that would be suitable for this type of art experience. Miss Seven decided on a vase with flowers, Master Five was tossing up between a rocket and sail boat (and ended up making a puppy for a story he was creating). Miss Three couldn’t wait to start filling her bubbles “with pretty colours”.

To fill a bubble, adults need to make a careful incision on the back of the bubble wrap (the flat side) over the bubble (I used a Stanley Knife). Invite children to scrunch the materials and then carefully place them in the bubble (filling the bubbles from behind).

Picture 102 creating bubble wrap mosaic

We were planning to then cover the back of the bubbles with clear contact or sticky tape but found it was not necessary.

Miss Three was very focused and really enjoyed this art experience. Miss Three created this colourful artwork:

Picture 135 bubble wrap mosaic - abstract

The bubble wrap inspired Master Five to create a dog for a story he has been working on. He was very happy to have this new little character for his story.

Picture 156 bubble wrap dog

Picture 167 bubble wrap dog

I’m certain there will be more bubble wrap mosaics made in the next few days. The girls really enjoyed this and Master Five has been coming up with some more ideas he would like to try too.