When it comes to painting we sometimes include craft materials to inspire our creations. This time we had our button collection and coloured wool on hand to incorporate into paintings.

Picture 5 buttons, wool and paint combination

Miss Seven’s favourite creation from the morning was her beach house painting. Miss Seven added some paint to her paper and then folded it over to create her design. When Miss Seven opened her butterfly painting she felt it reminded her of a house with a garden bush on each side. Miss Seven added buttons and wool to add details to her beach house – windows, doors as well as pops of colour for the bushes..

Picture 68 buttons, wool and paint house with bushes

Another favourite creation from the morning was Master Five’s sweet button dog full of colour.  Picture 79 buttons, wool and paint pink dog

Miss Four created numerous abstract designs with paint, buttons and wool including this colourful creation:

Picture 72 buttons, wool and paint abstract by T