Some lovely weather prompted Miss Four to ask if we could paint outside. We decided it would be fun to create some chalk paint and use some of our paved area as a canvas.

To make the chalk paint, Miss Four popped some coloured pieces of chalk into a sealed bag and then crushed these down with a hammer. In the past we have experimented with different ways to crush the chalk. My three children prefer this technique, except this time Miss Four didn’t have her older brother and sister to help as they were at school. She was determined to do it all herself and she did!

Picture 43 hammering chalk to make chalk paint

There was a lot of hammering, one sore thumb (all was well again with an ice pack) and lots of determination involved in crushing the chalk.

Picture 49 hammering chalk to create chalk paint

Miss Four then poured the contents of each plastic bag into a cup. She added water and stirred the mixture to create theĀ  chalk paint.

Picture 82 chalk paint

Miss Four was so excited to see that this was a watery paint and her mind immediately turned to splatter painting. Miss Four loved the idea of having a large space to paint.

Picture 102 splatter painting with chalk paint

Lots of colour hitting the paving!

Picture 118 splatter painting with chalk paint

Picture 144 splatter painting with chalk paint

Miss Four’s finished chalk painting masterpiece which she called “Fireworks”:

Picture 175 splatter painting with chalk paint