Traditions – experiences that are highly anticipated and make for wonderful memories. Christmas time is full of family traditions and another one of our favourite traditions is baking Christmas treats. For the past few years we have made candy cane bikkies (and this year was no exception). Each year we also look for a new recipe to try. Soon as I saw spotted Santa Hat Cupcakes by Lauren Cohen, founder of Bella Baker LLC  (featured on Melissa’s blog, A Little Loveliness) I knew we would have to give them a go this year.

Over the weekend, we made it a family event as we made some delicious Christmas treats. Perfect for eating at night time by the light of the Christmas lights on our tree.

To make our candy cane bikkies, we used a packet mix to make a basic biscuit dough. Half of the mix was coloured red. Our children had the job of rolling out the plain coloured dough to make the candy canes. My hubby and I were in charge of the red dough.

To make the candy canes: twist the two colours of dough together and form a candy cane shape.

Biscuits ready to pop into the oven:

and ready to enjoy:

For the Santa hat  Cupcakes, we made a batch of cupcakes and iced them.

Once the cupcakes were iced, it was time to make “Santa’s hat” for each cupcake. To do this a small portion of the top of an ice cream cone was cut off so that a marshmallow could rest on the top of the cone. Then the ice cream cones were also iced.

The iced ice cream cones were then rolled in red sparkly sprinkles.

A sparkly red ice cream cone was placed in the centre of  each cupcake.

The final touch was to add a white marshmallow (or as per the original recipe white gumballs) to the top of  “Santa’s hat”.