We love traditions here and Christmas is a season full of highly anticipated traditions for our family (see our Christmas Countdown here which contains 25 fun and creative Christmas activities, including some special Christmas traditions). Last year we started what appears to be our newest Christmas tradition – we used my children’s drawings to decorate Christmas baubles. I wrote about  these baubles containing my children’s drawings here.

Two of our precious baubles from last year:

My daughter (who was six at the time) created a bauble containing a Christmas fairy by the Christmas tree

Picture 497 Fairy and tree bauble by S 2012 CROPPED


My son, who was 4 at the time, drew a puppy and a Christmas tree for his bauble.

Picture 504 B's puppy and Christmas tree bauble 2012

We enjoyed creating these baubles so much that we decided to make another set for for this year.

Materials used this year:

Picture 019 materials for 2013 Christmas baubles

– Pencils

– Felt pens

– Clear plastic baubles (we purchased ours from the local craft shop)

– Gems (red and coloured)

– Scissors

– Tweezers to place the drawings inside the bauble

– Christmas craft pack (because we wanted to use the small red, white and green pom poms)

– Gold glitter

– Christmas themed embellishments

– Glue dots

– Water colour paper (purely because it is thicker than standard paper).

The process for creating these baubles is outlined in this post.

Creating this years baubles:

Picture 026 Creating Christmas baubles 2013

This years baubles that will be gracing our Christmas tree – together with last years (and some helpful tips for creating these baubles at the end of the post):

Miss Seven created three baubles this year. The bauble featured below contains Santa and a sparkly Christmas tree with a couple of pressies by the tree.

Picture 064 Christmas bauble - tree and Santa by s 2013

Miss Seven’s Angel:

Picture 105 Christmas bauble - Angel by S 2013

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus – my son was puzzled by Mary and Joseph’s “green hair”. My daughter clarified that Mary and Joseph  were wearing green headpieces in her drawing.

Picture 160 Christmas bauble - Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus by S 2013

Master Five also made a bauble featuring Santa and a sparkly Christmas tree:

Picture 085 Christmas bauble - Santa and tree by B 2013

Master Five also wanted to create another dog bauble for our tree:

Picture 050 Christmas bauble - dog by B 2013

I am very excited that Miss Three created her first drawing for a Christmas bauble (she has started drawing people so she wanted to draw “a person” for this).

Picture 111 Christmas bauble - person by T 2013

Helpful tips:

– Provide small pieces of water colour paper for children to draw on. The small pieces of paper serve as a guide as to the size of the drawing that will fit into the bauble.

– Use as few glue dots as possible on the back of each drawing as they become caught in the neck of the bauble. You can always add more glue dots (with tweezers) once the drawing is in the bauble.

– Carefully roll the drawings into a cylinder shape, trying to achieve as thin a profile as possible (another reason for minimising the use of glue dots when trying to insert drawing into bauble).

– Write your child’s name and year on the back of their drawing.

I can’t wait to put our tree up and decorate it with our growing collection of these cherished baubles.

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