Christmas has been a wonderful source of inspiration for some of my children’s latest creations.  We are gathering quite the collection of Christmas drawings. Last year we enjoyed a Christmas creative drawing prompt that involved imagining and creating what Santa’s house could look like and what you might find inside Santa’s house. We did this by creating a canvas with doors (flaps that open) to draw on. My older two children then drew pictures behind the doors of  what they thought they would see in Santa’s house. You can see last year’s creations in this blog post. This year, we did something a little different as my older children created some pieces to represent inside Santa’s house.

This time we used a shoe box to represent a room in Santa’s house. My children brainstormed a list of ideas that could possibly be found in Santa’s house.

Both of my children wanted to include Santa, a Christmas tree, a fire place and rug.

Miss Seven’s creation: Santa standing between the fire place (match box with orange tissue paper) and Christmas tree. Next to the tree are shelves with toys that Santa has made. Miss Seven also added Santa’s Christmas stocking and a rug (the rug was an accidental discovery Miss Seven made when she was rolling up a pipe cleaner to make a decoration for her tree. Instead of using it for a decoration, we thought it made a great rug, so a rug it was).

Picture 425 Inside Santa's house - shoe box creation by S

There were a couple of examples of problem solving employed in this creation. Miss Seven wanted to add some green craft fuzz to her tree. At first she was gluing small sections on, but did not like the result of this. Then she started gluing large pieces on and trying to trim the excess off ( Miss Seven struggled with achieving the look she was after doing this). We talked and worked  through some options. In the end Miss Seven was happy to wrap the excess craft fuzz around the back of the tree to achieve the desired result. The next issue was the shelves. First, coloured craft sticks were chosen for the shelves. The next task was to determine how to secure these. Miss Seven was able to draw on past experiences and prior knowledge to come up with the idea of slotting these sticks into the box. I cut the slits into the base of the box and helped Miss Seven position the shelves.

Miss Seven’s creation with lights (I purchased some Christmas light necklaces from our local cheap shop):

Picture 419 Inside Santa's house - shoe box creation by S

Master Five’s creation: Master Five, with some help, created a window (so that you could see it was night time outside), he added a table with some presents, Santa next to the fire place and a cupcake liner Christmas tree (which he had seen a friend make earlier in the week). Master Five also wanted to include a pipe cleaner rug in his Santa’s house too.

Picture 372 Inside Santa's house - shoe box creation by B

Master Five’s creation with lights:

Picture 379 Inside Santa's house - shoe box by B

These creations are adding to the lovely festive feel in our home.