We have been busy making a collection of bright and festive Christmas gift tags.

I spotted Nora’s gorgeous seed bead gift tags via Eighteen25 and thought that this was a wonderful idea we could try. Nora blogs over at Just Make Stuff,  a blog full of eye candy and inspiration, definitely worth checking out.

This year, inspired by Nora’s gift tags,  my older children created some seed bead gift tags.  Miss Three had her own special version of gift tags to create. Miss Three wanted to “glue gems”, so we set her up with some pre -cut sparkly Christmas trees for her to decorate with gems and then use on our gift tags.

Seed bead Christmas gift tag:

Picture 155 close of seed bead bell

My three children busily creating this years gift tags.

Picture 173 creating Christmas gift tags

I slightly modified Nora’s process for creating these gift tags, purely to make it easier for my children.

Here is what we did:

Use a hole punch to cut a shape out of a manilla card (or Christmas shape). Cut a piece of clear contact that will completely cover the area of the hole punched shape. Apply seed beads to the contact piece (trying not to stick beads to the edge of the contact piece)

Picture 129 Seed bead Christmas gift tag - process

Pop another piece of contact over the top of the seed beads. As Miss Seven said “it’s like making a fairy pillow” .

Picture 134 Christmas seed bead gift tags - process

Use clear sticky tape to secure the edges of the contact piece (containing the beads) to another manilla card. We placed the hole punched card onto this second card and marked some reference points as to where the hole punch shape would be on this second card (to help place the seed beads covered in contact).

Picture 135 Seed bead Christmas gift tags - process

Using double sided foam tape, secure the hole punched card over the card containing the seed beads.

Picture 143 Seed bead Christmas gift tag

Master Five was quite particular about his bead placement. He poured a small amount of beads into the lid from the bead containers and gently poured them onto his contact pieces.

Picture 183 making Christmas seed bead gift tags

One of the first tags my older two children made were gingerbread person gift tags. Pictured below is a photo of the back of one of these tags before another gingerbread shape was secured to the back of this.

Picture 220 seed bead gingerbread person Christmas gift tag

The front of the seed bead gingerbread person gift tags:

Picture 104 seed bead gingerbread person Christmas gift tag

Some of the other seed bead gift tags created (a strip of  Washi tape was added to the tag on the left):

Picture 090 seed bead Christmas tree manilla  gift tags

The gift tags featured below are pre-cut ornaments I purchased from our local craft store. We punched some shapes into these.

Picture 114 seed  bead bells for Christmas gift tags

Picture 156 seed bead bell gift tag

Picture 209 seed bead stocking

We used the Christmas trees Miss Three decorated on some manilla tags. Miss Three made some sparkly glue dots to add to some of the gift tags. Miss Seven used a roller stamp (featuring red bows) across some of our gift tags.

Picture 142 Christmas gift tags

To create the sparkly dots: I cut some double sided foam dots into strips. I peeled off the backing to reveal a strip of sticky dots. Miss Three covered this sticky strip of dots with glitter.

Picture 008 making glue dots for Christmas gift tags

Miss Seven helped make some 3D Christmas tree gift tags too.

First task was to hole punch some Christmas tree shapes.

Picture 207 hole punching Christmas trees

Once we had several trees. Miss Seven folded them in half (pattern side facing inwards).

Picture 202 Creating Christmas gift tags 3D Christmas trees

Glue one half of a tree to another half of a tree to create the effect below (we placed a small peg at the top of each tree while the glue was drying.

Picture 215 3D Christmas tree for Christmas  gift tag

Some of our 3D Christmas tree gift tags:

Picture 148 3D Christmas gift cards

We’re really looking forward to adding these gift tags to our Christmas presents this year. I think they are going to complement our homemade gift wrap too.