Combining Miss Five’s favourite activities (cutting paper and painting)  was the main source of inspiration for her recent artwork. This artwork evolved over several days and it ended up being a collaborative piece.

House collage on watercolour painting

Miss Five dug through our paper drawer to find some small sheets of patterned paper. Her mission was to cut shapes to create a collage – initially she was thinking of  using some cut out shapes to make a robot or  fish. Miss Five ended up with a collection of squares, rectangles, triangles and some other abstract shapes. Looking at all the shapes Miss Five decided houses might be a good idea. So a house collage it was!

Miss Five glued her various pieces onto a sheet of watercolour paper and created five houses, complete with doors. Miss Five didn’t like the plain, white background, so the next day she painted it.

Miss Five used watercolours to colour the background – the draw card being that she wanted to use wax crayons to create a resist effect.  Miss Five chose some coloured crayons as well as a white crayon to achieve this. Miss Five likes to dab over the watercolour paint with a paper towel, (to remove some of the paint and because she likes the effect this creates). Once Miss Five had finished with the watercolour paint, she was disappointed as she felt the paint was too dark. We brainstormed some ideas to rectify this and decided to experiement with adding some white acrylic paint to lighten up the background. I poured a dab of white paint onto a paper towel and Miss Five dabbed this between the houses (where she had painted the blue watercolour background). Miss Five then dabbed  some white clouds to break up the coloured sky. The final touch was using some Sharpie pens to outline the houses and clouds – to try and make the houses stand out.

Miss Five is keen to enjoy this combination of collage and paint again!