A fun, yet challenging way to encourage creative thinking is to transform scraps of paper into works of art. Magazines and catologues are a great source of colourful paper. They are perfect to tear up and collect different coloured pieces of paper – with different tones and textures from every colour of the rainbow.

For this art experience, gather some magazines and tear out pieces of different coloured pages.

Picture 7 tearing magazines for magazine collage art

Gather  different shades of each colour as well as a selection of patterned papers too. There is no need to be neat when it comes to tearing the pieces. Often, you are guided by the surrounding text and images – simply tear around these and tear pieces of paper into different sizes and shapes.

Picture 13 paper for magazine collage art

When there is a supply of different coloured pieces available it’s time to create. Be inspired by the shapes of the pieces as well as their colour.

Some pieces my children have recently created include:

Friends by Miss 7

Picture 31 magazine collage art - friends

Mummy and Me Under The Rainbow by Miss 7

Picture 46 magazine collage art - Mummy and Me under rainbow

Unicorn’s Dinner Time by Miss 7

Picture 79 magazine collage art - girl feeding unicorn

The Dog by Master Five

Picture 34 magazine collage art - puppy

The Cow by Master Five

Picture 42 magazine collage art - cow

Me by Miss Three

Picture 53 magazine collage art - self portrait of Miss T