With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we would create some heart garlands to decorate ourĀ  dining area.

Picture 198 Confetti heart garland for Valentine's Day


– Heart shape on card or paper

– Sequins

– Heart shape confetti (my older children enjoy making confetti with our heart shape hole punch).

– Glue

– Twine

– Gems


– Draw a heart shape on paper. Cut the heart out.

– Create a border (my children used glue and sequins) to create a border for their hearts.

Picture 153 creating confetti hearts for Valentine's Day

– Glue inside the heart. Sprinkle confetti all over heart.

Picture 165 creating confetti hearts for Valentine's Day

Picture 205 confetti hearts for Valentine's day with border

Picture 200 confetti heart for Valentine's Day with border

That’s it! Lovely, colourful hearts ready to display.

To hang these hearts, I placed a small hole in the top and bottom of each heart. I threaded red and white twine through the hearts and threaded three confetti hearts onto each length of twine. To secure them to our wall (and to help them stay in position) I placed some small amounts of Blu Tac onto the twine (between each of the hearts) and covered the Blu Tac with a gem.