Creating a collage can be fun and rewarding. Plus, I love seeing the look on my children’s faces when they transform what would otherwise be scraps into a creative piece. Witnessing that look (the one that beams a sense of accomplishment and pride) that comes with creating something new is priceless

Miss Three was the one that got the ball rolling with this particular collage experience. We were  having a “cuggle” (as she calls them) and Miss Three looked at me and said, “How bout some gluing, Mummy?” Great idea darling!

Picture 014 collage

We quickly gathered some basic supplies and my children spent a good part of the afternoon creating all kinds of wonderful creations. A simple activity to set up and a great one to stimulate the creative juices.

Picture 024 collage with three cherubs

Miss Six created  a turtle. We had some aluminum foil on hand to use as part of the creations. All three children enjoyed experimenting with this and including it in their artworks.

Picture 004 collage turtle

Miss Six also created this girl:

Picture 073  girl collage

Master Four used mostly scrap pieces of paper to create this “boat on the ocean at sunset”.

Picture 028 boat collage

Miss Three was discovering alternative ways to use the resources – rip the paper and aluminium foil,  fold the paper, scrunch the foil as well as spread and secure the yarn.

Picture 037 T's collage

Picture 045 T's collage