It’s become one of our traditions to invent and name a Christmas drink every year for Christmas. Some years we start from scratch and experiment with juicing different combinations of our favourite fruits (and there are so many this time of year), other years we have made a sweet drink and this year we came up with two easy, festive fun drinks.

I present:

Rudolph’s Delight


Rudolph’s Surprise

First things first, select the ingredients you wish to use. My children like to choose a colour for their drink first and then we go from there. Consider whether you would prefer to make a sweet drink, or a juice. There is also theĀ  question of what you are going to use to decorate your drink too.

Once we had chosen our ingredients, we decorated some straws. We usedĀ  Christmas sticker sheets to do this. My older children each selected two matching stickers to place back to back on either side of the straw.

For each of our drinks we added a bit of sparkle (in the form of edible sparkly red glitter sprinkles) to the rim of each glass. We coated the rim of each glass in honey and then dipped the glass into the red edible glitter sprinkles. Pop the glass in the fridge or freezer to set the honey (or else it can run down the glass)

To make Rudolph’s Delight we used a strawberry, raspberry and banana juice. The glass was garnished with glace cherries, sprinkled with lime – my little boy was keen to add a touch of green to the cherries!

To make Rudolph’s surprise we started with the surprise. At the bottom of the glass my older children placed some chocolate buttons. Then we made a strawberry milk, added a dollop of ice cream and made a Santa’s hat out of a strawberry and marshmallow for the side of the glass.

Time to enjoy.