Spending some lazy afternoons outdoors has made for the perfect source of inspiration to create  colourful pieces for our backyard.  First we potted some flowers and then we painted the boulder wall. Our most recent addition has been some colourful characters and homes for them – “a little flower village” as my children call it.

A while ago I purchased a big roll of garden mesh from a discount store. We found another use for it over the weekend as it became a canvas to create with. I used the mesh to construct some basic structures – cone like shapes (some with wing shapes attached) and a half cylinder shape. I secured these together with some garden ties.

Picture 047 gutter mesh structures

Each of my children chose a mesh structure and then it was time to head outside and let the creating begin.

Picture 053 creating outside with gutter mesh structures

 Flowers, leaves, twigs and stones were gathered to transform the pieces of mesh into works of art.

Picture 063 gathering flowers

Picture 069 T picking flowers

Picture 073 S picking flowers

With a lovely selection of bits and pieces from our garden it was time to let the creative juices flow. This experience ended up being a about a fine motor skill workout as twigs, flowers and leaves were poked through the small mesh holes and carefully adjusted into position.

Picture 084 creating with nature outside

Miss Six started with painting a face for her “flower fairy”. Miss Six searched for a while to find a stone that she was happy with and felt would work as a face for her fairy.

Picture 087 creating with nature -   flower fairy

Miss Three really enjoyed poking twigs, small pine cones and flowers into her mesh structure.

Picture 094 T creating with nature

Master Four also wanted to create a “person with wings” and he spent a lot of time securing leaves into the mesh wings.

Picture 120 creating with nature

Without further ado I present the pieces that make up the “flower village” as it is affectionately called.

Miss Six created a flower fairy

Picture 158 flower fairy by S with mesh canvas

Master Four made a tepee and a “person with wings”.

Picture 180 Flower character created by B using mesh structure

Picture 209 creating with nature using mesh structure

Miss Three (with some help from her brother and sister) made a ‘tent” as she called it.

All of the creations together:

Picture 225 creating with nature from mesh structures

These creations can be changed as different flowers come into bloom and have a whole new look with the different seasons.

I am looking forward to seeing the ways in which my children experiment with using different materials and textures to create with these mesh structures over the coming months.

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