It is my son’s turn for some new art in his room. We have been looking for art that features dogs and cars (not really a theme that goes together, but none of my children have a particular theme. I find if we create a room which reflects their interests and personality then it seems to work for us).  I wrote about the artwork in my daughters new big girl room in this blog post.

My son is interested in stamps and he enjoys collecting them. So, when we came across the lovely Stacey from Max and Me who creates vintage postage stamp art, we were excited to find out if she was in a position to create a special piece for us. My son’s favourite breed of dog is a Jack Russell. We asked Stacey if it would be possible to create an artwork featuring a Jack Russell. Stacey was brilliant to work with. She sent us several different options she could use to create this piece. It was very exciting and lots of fun for Master Five to choose what he wanted. He chose the colour scheme (which complements his room which is red, white, blue with some pops of yellow).

We couldn’t be more happy with Stacey’s creation that she made for Master Five. We love it.

Stacey from Max and Me created this Jack Russell for for my son:

Picture 204 Stamp dog by Max and Me

Each of Stacey’s creations includes vintage stamps from around the world. Stacey includes information from one of the featured stamps with each artwork.

My son was so inspired by this creation that he had a go at making his own piece of art using stamps (most of which Stacey kindly sent to him). Master five drew an outline of a dog and then carefully selected stamps for his creation.

This is the creation my son made:

Picture 255 Stamp dog by B

I think it is special that my children are inspired by the artworks we have in our home and motivated to explore different ways to create art.