The start of the New Year has seen us invest in some new art journals (A4 sketch books from our local craft store).  This year we are going to have a go at using themed creative thinking journal prompts to inspire responses for the journals.  The plan is that we will have a new set of prompts for each month. We are aiming to set aside two to three times each week to come up with a response  for our chosen prompt (not everyone has to choose the same prompt at the same time). The aim is to let your creative juices flow as you respond in imaginative ways and try to fill your journal with ideas that are presented in different ways.

For January, we have decided on two themes – about me and new. We thought it would be fun to look back at the end of the year and see the sorts of things we recorded about ourselves at the start of the year. “New” seemed to be an appropriate theme for this time of year!

January means school holidays, summer and lots of time exploring and playing outside, so for the month of January I have come up with 14 prompts (I plan to have more for future months).

The January creative thinking prompts are:

Creative Thinking Journal Prompts by Creative Play Central - January

To download and print, you can download the file as an A4 sized poster here.