We do enjoy a  creative challenge here. Lately we have been putting our shape stickers to good use to inspire creative thinking.

Drawing game - use shapes to inspire a drawing

For this creative experience you need paper (we used A3 paper), shapes (we had stickers on hand, but you could simply draw some shapes onto the paper) and pens or pencils.

Picture 031  creative workout with shape stickers

I folded the A3 paper into quarters to create four distinct sections. Within each section I placed one or two shape stickers.

The aim of the activity is to use the stickers to inspire different pictures (the focus is on creating as many different pictures as you can using the shapes, not on creating masterpieces).

Miss Six came up with:

Picture 157 Creative workout with shape stickers

Picture 140 Creative workout with shape  stickers

Picture 147 creative workout with shape stickers

Master Four created:

Picture 127 creative workout with shape stickers

Picture 146 creative workout with shape stickers

Often when we are waiting (doctor’s surgery or restaurant) we recreate this activity – all you need is paper and a pen. Draw whatever shape you desire (draw more shapes for older children) and challenge children to come up with as many different pictures as they can that incorporate the shape drawn.

A while ago I made a set of count and create cards – which also relied on our collection of shape stickers and encourages children to think in creative ways.

Our count and create cards:

Picture 211 count and create cards

At the time I made two sets of these cards Рone featuring a number followed by coloured shape for my oldest as she was able to recognise numerals. For my little boy I had a set of stars for him to count as he did not recognise  numbers and then a coloured shape)

This activity involved gathering the number of coloured shape stickers on the card (it might be two blue oval stickers, one yellow triangle and four pink green rectangles) and then use the selection of stickers to create a picture.

Picture 025 creating with count and create cards

Some of the creations (these are the first pieces my children created with these cards, so it was a little while ago):

Picture 055 creations from count and create cards

Picture 067  count and create creations

Picture 072 count and create cards