My children love to draw and they love it even more when we have a family game that involves drawing. One of our favourite drawing games (which is an oldie, but certainly a goodie) is a game we have aptly named “Pass It On” (it’s by no means a game that we’ve made up and I’ve seen other names for this game too)

To play this game you need to fold a sheet of paper into thirds. I label each third – one says “head”, the next one says “body” and the final third says “lower body”. To start the game, each player receives the folded piece of paper labelled “head” and draws a head (either the head of a person, character, animal or mythical creature). Older children then draw a neck, from the head, onto the next¬† folded section labelled body (if children are too young to do this part adults may need to intervene and draw the neck on the section labelled “body”) Once all players have had sufficient time to draw the head, they then fold the paper over and pass the paper (with the neck drawn) to the next player. This person then draws a body on this section of the paper (once again it’s fun to mix it up and draw either a human or animal body). One this has been completed it’s time to pass the paper for the final time and draw a lower body on the final third of the paper (this may include two legs or more, a tail, or whatever your imagination dreams up).

Gotta love a family drawing game – everyone is in on the action! In the photo featured below we are all starting with the first third of paper and we’re all drawing a head.

Picture 127 Drawing game - Pass It On

Here are some of our favourite imaginative creations (I love all the different and creative  ideas that everyone came up with):

Pirate head, clown body and frog legs:

Picture 142 Drawing game - Pass It On

Super hero head, girl body and four stripey legs.

Picture 143 Drawing game - Pass It On

Clown head, chicken body and clown legs:

Picture 159 Drawing  game - Pass It On

Cat head, bee body and clown legs:

Picture 146 Drawing game - Pass It On

Puppy head, girl in a dress for the body and an alien and robot leg:

Picture 165 Drawing game - Pass It On

Crazy face, fairy body and human legs.

Picture 150 Drawing game - Pass It On

Little girl head, girl body and witch legs.

Picture 154 Drawing Game - Pass It On

Robot head, donkey body and green legs:

Picture 157 Drawing game - Pass It On

This game is bound to get the creative juices flowing and everyone having a laugh when revealing the final pictures.