Mixing it up when it comes to drawing can be a useful source of  inspiration and lead to fresh and fun drawings. To vary our drawing experiences, we rely on modifying the canvas (for example, it could be textured, really big or small, or cut into a certain shape) and/or experimenting with lots of different drawing materials (for example, Sharpie pens, white pens on black card, pastels, charcoal).

Drawing with Sharpie pens has always been popular with my children and they really enjoy an opportunity to use them. After a morning of painting with watercolours we were inspired to use the paintings as a canvas for drawing.

Drawing on a watercolour painting

Some of the watercolour paintings we used to draw on:

Watercolour canvas - pink and blue

Watercolour canvas - rainbow stripe

Watercolour canvas - purple and yellow

watercolour  canvas - gold and blue striped

It was interesting to see my children choose their coloured canvas. Each child was drawn to a particular one for different reasons.

Drawing with Sharpie pens on watercolour canvas

Miss Eight chose a pink and blue canvas because she said she wanted to create a magical underwater scene and was inspired by the colours in this to do so.

Underwater drawing on watercolour canvas

Master Six wanted to draw buildings on a colourful street. He was specifically looking for a bright and colourful piece of paper.

City Street on watercolour canvas

Miss Five spotted the “gold and blue striped paper” and commented that the gold colour reminded her of shiny robots so a robot drawing it was!

Robots on watercolour canvas

Using a watercolour painting as a background proved to be a fun and inspiring canvas.