Drawing is a popular activity in our home. To mix it up when it comes to drawing, we employ a couple of strategies.  We explore and enjoy “new” (to us) drawing materials such as water colour crayons. We vary the canvases we create on, for example, sometimes we add drawings to photos, other times we create drawing prompts on the blackboard , or create hand stitched drawing creations. We draw with all sorts of materials too , a favourite at the moment is creating glue, sand and glitter drawings.

The Artful Parent recently inspired us to use magazine pictures as drawing prompts. Pop over to Jean’s blog, The Artful Parent, to see how to create these drawings using magazine pictures.

   My children really enjoyed this and have started collecting some pictures from magazines to do this again. You know you’re on a winning idea when there are lots of requests to do it again.

Drawing prompt ~using pictures from magazines

The pictures proved to be a fantastic way to inspire creative thinking and imaginative responses.

Enjoying drawing prompt using pictures from magazines(Please note: they are not tissues on the bench. Whenever we glue, I always pop some baby wipes on the work area for each child so that they can remove any glue from their fingers).

Miss 8 decided to call her artwork featured below, “Did You See That?”. The minute she saw the magazine picture she knew she wanted to draw a fairy scene in response to the look of shock.

Did you see that drawing prompt using pictures from magazines

Miss 8 also chose a magazine picture featuring a woman lying down and resting in the bush. Miss Eight wanted to add a splash of colour to the bush scene and called her creation, “Rainbow Dreams”. Rainbow Dreams - drawing prompt using pictures from magazines

Master Six came up with a fun and creative response too. His art is titled: “Puffy Pants”. He explained how he came up with his idea. He said that while the woman in the picture had her eyes shut her friends surprised her and sewed her puffy pants and added pom poms to her shoes!

Puffy Pants - drawing prompt using pictures from magazines

It was fun to hear my children’s thoughts as they selected their magazine pictures. They were drawn to certain pictures and immediately had an idea of what they were going to draw to complete the picture. We have a stash of magazines waiting to be recycled and this will certainly be one ways we are going to enjoy using them.