We recently rediscovered our texture plates and have been coming up with different creative uses for them. We’ve found them a fun addition to play dough play and recently used them with  play dough dress up creations. Over the last few days my children have been incorporating the texture plates into their drawings.

One set of texture plates (I bought several sets of these years ago and cannot recall where I bought them, however I have seen them in craft stores)

Picture 291 texture plates

A couple of texture plates (or any textured item, you don’t need texture plates), a set of crayons, felt pens if desired and paper equals some creative drawing experiences. Simply place a piece of paper over the texture plate, turn a crayon on its side and rub the crayon over the paper to create the patterned effect.

Some favourites from yesterday:

Miss Six and I were experimenting with creating trees. Miss Six was very impressed with this tree she created. It became the inspiration for a fairy scene.

Picture 283 texture plate fairy inspired drawing

Miss Six has also been creating lots of patterned paper and then including these in her drawings. In the photo below, Miss Six drew the dress and animals on patterned paper that she had created and then cut them out. Once they were glued onto her paper she added features to complete her picture.

Picture 253 texture plate inspired d rawing

Master Four has been inspired by some of my family history with many of his recent creations. He loves for me to show him the blue house that was my childhood home (we’ll often drive by). One of his favourite things to do is listen to stories about my childhood and see photos of what we (my mum, dad and sister) did  all those years ago while living at the blue house. Needless to say, his favourite texture plate inspired drawing is the very first one he created, featuring none other than said blue house.

Master Four created his background first and set about creating different patterned papers which he then used to draw a butterfly, the blue house and a dinosaur. He cut his drawings out and glued them onto the background paper he created.

Picture 267 texture plate inspired  drawing

It will be interesting to see what other uses we discover for these texture plates.