Now that my older two children (aged 7 and 5) have ventured into the world of sewing (they are practising how to sew buttons and running stitch) they are keen to come up with sewing projects. Some of their favourite toys have been the recipients of their newly found sewing skills. Miss Three had her own special experience (that did not involve sewing) to create some fancy clothes for her toys.

Dress up costumes for toys by Creative Play Central

Miss Three used brown paper bags to make dresses for her toys. Instead of using glue, I covered the front of the brown paper bags with clear contact (sticky side facing out) and secured the contact with clear sticky tape. Miss Three was then able to stick different textured materials to the contact to create some dresses for her toys.

Picture 016 Making contact dress ups

We have used contact like this (with the sticky side facing out) to make several other dress up creations. One of our favourites being a batch of festive party hats we made for some toys a while ago.

Picture 072 party hats for puppies and Claus

The two main advantages of using contact are that it is mess free and once the creation has been played withΒ  the craft pieces can be removed and reused another time.

While Miss Three was busy designing and creating colourful outfits for her toys, my older children were sewing on buttons, pieces of lace, fabric shapes as well as pieces of felt to their outfits that they were creating for their favourite toys.

Picture 027 Sewing dress ups for toys

Without further ado, here are the finished creations:

Queen Nellie

Picture 048 Queen Nellie


Picture 091 Mousie dressed up

Jemima and Hippity Hoppity:

Picture 078 Dress ups for Hippity Hoppity and Jemima

Because the toys were all dressed up and looking fabulous we decided to have a little afternoon tea party.

We wanted to put together a quick afternoon tea, so weΒ  kept it very simple. Everyone helped prepare the food.

There was fairy bread to be made, butterfly popcorn bags to be organised and lots of fruit to be cut up.

Picture 099 preparing for fancy dress tea party with toys

Everyone had a job (or two) to help set the table.

Picture 113 table set for tea party with toys

On the table we had:Β  butterfly popcorn bags (one on each plate), cookie cutters containing fruit, ice cream cones containing fruit, fairy bread and a small selection of marshmallows and raspberry lollies.

Picture 119 table set for tea party with toys

Then it was time to party and have a disco kitchen with the toys!

Picture 131 Afternoon tea with toys in dress ups