The drip art technique we used to create these artworks has been on our to do list for some time.  It certainly was one of those memorable art experiences that produced lots of ooohs and aaahs as colours collided and gorgeous patterns emerged.

Drip art inspired paintings Collage for blog

Materials used:

Wooden blocks (we used some of our blocks from our construction sets)

A3 paper


Plastic spoons (to pour the paint over the blocks)

Kebab sticks

This was definitely one painting experience that we will be enjoying again. It was a whole lot of fun and inspired some beautiful artworks.

To create the drip art:

Picture 30 creating drip art with blocks

Place blocks in various places on the paper (be sure to leave enough space around each block for the paint to drip down onto the paper). We filled spoons with paint and then poured this paint over the blocks.

Picture 34 creating drip art with blocks

Picture 37 creating drip art with blocks

Picture 47 creating drip art with blocks

Once the paint was applied, kebab sticks were gently dragged through the paint to create a feathery effect.

Picture 55 creating srip art with blocks - using kebab sticks

Picture 72 creating drip art with blocks - using kebab sticks

Picture 75 creating drip art with blocks - using kebab sticks

We left these “splotches” to dry for several days. Once dry we cut them out.

Picture 105 creating drip art with blocks - splats

We then used these coloured splotches to inspire a picture. We carefully examined the splotches and turned them different ways to see if they resembled something, or could be used to inspire a picture.

Miss Seven thought that one of her splotches reminded her of a bird, so she used it to create the artwork below. Miss Seven’s creation features a mother bird (the splotch), holding a worm in her mouth, over a nest of eggs.

Picture 138 drip art with blocks - mummy bird with worm

Miss Seven also created an underwater backdrop for a splotch that she thought resembled a puffer fish.

Picture 141 drip art with blocks - puffer fish

Master Six was excited to see a splotch that reminded him of a dragon. This splotch inspired a painting of a dragon breathing fire over some volcanoes.

Picture 127 drip art with blocks - dragon over volcano

Master Six also used one of his splotches as “crazy hair” and created this colourful barber shop.

Picture 116 drip art with blocks - crazy hair

Master Six also used a splotch to create an underwater sea creature.

Picture 124 drip art with blocks - puffer fish

Miss Four preferred to paint all sorts of wonderful creations with the water colours, but she did use one of her splotches to create a “googly eye monster” .

Picture 150 drip art with blocks - monster

Using splotches to create art proved to be a very engaging creative challenge and one that we are looking forward to repeating.