Miss Three has a new favourite painting activity – drizzle paintings. What’s not to love about these paintings?  You get to paint; mix and stir art materials; drizzle colured glue all over your painting and then for a final touch sprinkle glitter (or we have used coloured sand in the past) over the glue.

Drizzle paintings collage for blog

Even though we have done many drizzle paintings over the years, this time, Miss Three was able to enjoy the process independently (I didn’t need to drizzle the glue for her).

The first part of the process involves painting the paper (or canvas) you are creating on. Miss Three used water colour paints on paper.

Once the canvas is painted, it’s time to make the coloured glue. Miss Three chose the glue colour that she wanted to create. The first colour she chose was pink. We added some red paint to our white glue. Miss Three stirred the paint into the glue.

Picture 288 Mixing coloured glue for drizzle painting

Then, it is time to drizzle! Miss Three loved swirling the coloured glue around and around her painting.

Picture 296 drizzle painting

Picture 298 Drizzle painting together

Miss Three created some black glue too (we added black paint to our glue and Miss Three stirred it in).

Picture 309 drizzle painting

Miss Three loves glitter so was very keen to sprinkle some glitter onto the coloured glue.

Picture 317 drizzle paintings - add glitter

As well as creating abstract paintings Miss Three also created this:

Picture 330 drizzle painting face with curly hair

Whenever Miss Three draws people she always draws them with curly hair.

Some completed drizzle paintings:

 My favourite (with black and pink hair that was created by drizzling a whole lot of glue):

Picture 132 drizzle painting face with curly hair

Picture 154 drizzle painting

Picture 144 drizzle painting

Picture 156 drizzle painting

One of our very first attempts at this type of painting involved adding coloured sand to the paintings.

The photo below is of Master Five (when he was two) pouring sand onto the glue.

Picture 350 pouring sand for sand painting

One of the first sand paintings we made:

Picture 364 sand painting

I wrote about our sand paintings here – number two in this blog post about painting activities. The process for colouring the sand is outlined in this post too.