After seeing this post about DIY dry erase boards on Pinterest,  I thought it could be just the thing for my son to try to master writing the letter “a”. Master Four has been writing his name for a little while now, but always writes the “a” backwards. We have tried several different methods (salt tray, letter  formation with play dough and various tracing techniques such as tracing with stones and water) to correct this. I am a huge believer in teaching children the correct way to write letters (being taught the correct way to form letters allows children to focus on what they are writing as opposed to how to write it. The how to write needs to be automatic). Given that my children enjoy drawing and writing on whiteboards I thought it was a great way to recycle some of our DVD cases and create a “whiteboard”.

To make a portable “whiteboard” to use for letter writing practice you need:

– a DVD case

– Dry erase markers

– Cloth or glove

– Each letter of the alphabet on a piece of card, or paper, cut to size to slide behind the plastic cover on the DVD case. I placed a red small circle at the starting point for writing each letter as well as an arrow.

Most of the bits and pieces can be stored inside. If I find some smaller dry erase markers they may be able to be kept inside the case too.

We have a print out of each letters of the alphabet. To use this,  it’s simply a matter of sliding a letter under the plastic and then tracing over it with a dry erase marker. Once complete, wipe off with a cloth and you’re ready to start again.

This certainly gets a lot of use and since using this my son is now able to write the letter “a” correctly.

We’ve found a few other uses for our portable whiteboards which we will be sharing soon.