This year Miss Four had an opportunity to make an Easter hat for her kindergarten Easter celebration. Miss Four was very excited to make an Easter hat and was quick to decide on what she wanted to include on her creation. The brief was “sparkly rainbow eggs with rainbow chickens inside and  a rabbit on the top with Easter eggs”.  Ok, now we had a vision, it was time to get cracking and come up with some ideas for this hat.

Easter Hat

We decided that paper mache might be the best way to go for the “eggs”. That way they could be painted in rainbow colours, some sparkle added and they could also house some rainbow chickens. Tick, tick and tick again!

Paper mache balloons for Easter decoration

We have a large box of paper to recycle so we used some of this to cover the balloons. My children ripped small pieces of paper and then we mixed some water with our PVA glue to create the paste. The balloons were covered with four layers of paper and a whole lot of glue.

Miss Four was lucky to have two assistants on hand to help create these eggs.

Paper Mache - Miss 8

Master Six getting all gluey (I’m claiming that as a word) while creating an egg for his sister.

Paper Mache - Master Six

Miss Four was in her element, covered in glue and creating her egg.

Paper mache - Miss Four

We left these eggs to dry for four days. Then it was time to paint them.

Painting paper mache

This time the egg was decorated with dot painting.

Dot painting paper mache

Miss Four added some glitter to each painted egg as well.

The finished eggs (minus the chickens)

Paper mache eggs - no chicks

I popped some power tack into the base of each egg to help hold the coloured chickens in place. I also added some hot glue to the chickens feet to help secure them.

paper mache eggs with chicks

After Miss Four painted the eggs, she painted a rabbit for the top of her hat.  I had spotted a sweet cardboard tube bunny over at The Craft Train and showed it to Miss Four. She agreed that this rabbit would be great for the top of her hat.

Pop over to The Craft Train to see how to create this cardboard tube rabbit.

Miss Four gave this rabbit a couple of layers of white paint.

Painting paper tube rabbit

Miss Four’s rabbit ready to be included on her Easter hat:

(We also made some Easter eggs for the hat – aluminium foil rolled into Easter eggs shapes, painted and sprinkled with some glitter).

Cardboard tube rabbit all finished

I made a hat using some recycled materials – two manilla folders for the top of the hat and a piece of cardboard for the base. I cut a circle shape (to try and fit Miss Four’s head) from the base.  The manilla folders which were rolled into a cylinder shape were secured to the base with sticky tape.

The hat was painted white.

Easter hat unpainted

Then it was time to add all the bits and pieces.

Without further ado, I present Miss Four’s Easter hat:

Easter hat with paper mache eggs - front on

We covered the top of the hat in glue. Miss Four then  added some “grass” (purchased from our local craft store). The rabbit and eggs were glued onto the grass .

I hot glued the three paper mache eggs around the rim of the hat. Miss Four added some flower stickers to her hat as well. Miss Four wanted  some more sparkle on the base and also added some sticky gems to the base.

More of  an aerial view of the hat:

Easter hat with paper mache eggs - aerial view

Miss Four (proud as punch) sporting her Easter hat.

Easter hat with paper mache eggs worn by Miss 4

And from the top….

Easter hat with paper mache eggs worn by Miss 4 - aerial view