Master Four wanted to make a special decoration for our Easter table this year. He wanted to make the Easter Bunny’s house. He had a vision- it was to be in the shape of an Easter egg and have a pom pom white rabbit inside with some carrots.

We brainstormed some ideas and I showed him the picture of our Halloween decoration from a few years ago that we could adapt to fit in with his vision. This was our Halloween decoration I was thinking about:

He was excited about this idea (especially the whole paper mache bit), so away we went making the Easter Bunny’s house.


The first job was to create the Easter Bunny’s  house which involved using a balloon as the base to paper mache.

Paper mache process:

Tear up pieces of paper (I use different colours so it’s easy for my children to identify where they need to glue the paper to complete a full layer around the balloon)

I watered down some children’s PVA glue  (1 part glue to three parts water). There are various options when it comes to making a paper mache glue, you just need to google other options if interested.

To prevent the glue covered balloon from sticking to the disposable bowl, line the bowl with cling wrap.

We used orange paper for the first layer. My daughter preferred to gently place her paper in the glue and carefully place it on the balloon. My son liked to lather his paper in glue (with his hands) and then put the paper on his balloon.

Once  the balloon is covered in a layer of paper, use your hands to smooth out the layer of paper and get rid of large creases and bumps.

Repeat process until you have three or four layers of paper covering the balloon. Ensure your last layer is white.

Second layer:

Once all the layers of paper are mached, transfer the balloon to a new bowl or holder (lined in cling wrap) to dry.

Be sure to turn the balloon to allow the other end to dry.

Once dry, pop the balloon (which will deflate) and remove the balloon.

Completed paper mache balloons:

Once the paper mache was complete, it was time to use this as a canvas to create the Easter Bunny’s house.

To make the Easter Bunny’s house:

Materials on hand (although my son opted for a few extra bits and pieces such as little black pom poms for the Easter Bunny’s eyes):

Using a stanley knife, an adult removes part of the balloon so as to create a hole in the front of the balloon.

My son wanted the Easter Bunny’s house to be colourful. He was going to paint over the paper mache (he wanted a rainbow house), but instead decided to use tie dye tissue paper to cover  the paper mache balloon. This was my job to cover the outside as well as the inside of the balloon (because we had used orange paper as the base layer, I needed to insert some white paper into the balloon so as to have a white canvas inside the balloon).

Once the shell of the house was complete Master Four was very clear about what he wanted to create.

With a little help, Master Four created a festive decoration that will be enjoyed at our Easter celebration.