After seeing some gorgeous floating chalk prints (over at Picklebums), Miss Five was excited to have a go at this technique and create some of her own colourful artworks.

For all of the details about how to create these prints, pop over to Picklebums.

After reading through the process, Miss Five remembered how we had made chalk paint in the past and was keen to use a hammer to crush some chalk pastels.

Hammering chalk pastels

 Some of Miss Five’s chalk prints:

Chalk print 1

Chalk print 2

Chalk print 3

Chalk print 4

After Miss Five had made a collection of chalk prints, she was keen to test other art supplies and see if we could also create prints with these. We used the same process outlined in the floating chalk prints blog post from Picklebums – but, this time we substituted the chalk for some other art supplies.

Miss Five experimented with watercolour paints first. We were mesmerised as we watched the watercolours sink, spread and float in the water. We experimented with leaving the watercolour paint in the water for different periods of time.

Watercolour paints in water - making prints

 Miss Five’s favourite  floating watercolour prints:

Watercolour print 1

Watercolour print 2

Next, Miss Five remembered our shading powders and thought these would be awesome to experiment with.

Shading powders in water

This is one of the prints from the shading powders:

Shading powder print

It was exciting to experiment and each time we would be surprised at the colourful prints that were created.