Miss Four is enjoying our watercolours and likes to use them at any opportunity. The fact that she is using them often means she is experimenting with different techniques and uses for them. Miss Four’s latest creations involved gluing (her other favourite creative activity) fabric scraps onto paper and then painting with watercolours to fill the background.

Miss Four had prepared two canvases with fabric scraps. Her first creation contained “people” which she had created by arranging and gluing materials pieces into shapes which she referred to as people.

Picture 59 fabric, crayons and watercolours

Miss Four used crayons to draw arms and legs onto the fabric bodies and she also drew two faces with the crayons.

Then Miss Four painted over the paper. Miss Four applied the paint liberally and did not like the fact that she could not clearly see her crayon drawings, so I showed her how to use paper towel to dab and soak up the excess paint.

Picture 70 fabric, crayons and watercolours

Miss Four’s other canvas containing fabric scraps was abstract. Miss Four added some crayon drawings to the paper and then painted with watercolours over the drawings.

Picture 75 fabric, crayons and watercolours

The finished creations:

Picture 88 fabric, crayons and watercolours

Miss Four wanted the crayon faces to be more obvious so she used some darker coloured crayons to achieve this.

Picture 4 fabric, crayons and watercolours

Picture 7 fabric, crayons and watercolours