We have a stash of old Family Fun magazine’s and we have not looked at them for quite a while. They were ideal to bring out over the school holidays as my children really enjoyed looking through them and being inspired by the creative goodness that these have to offer. My children spotted a cloth collage activity in the 2012 February edition (page 22) and were inspired to use our fabric scraps to create their own pieces.

Miss Four really enjoys gluing so she was very excited to create a picture with fabric. We have recently been adding to our scrap fabric collection so the new materials meant there was plenty of choice and some of the designs inspired really unique artworks. We used scrapbook paper for the canvas.

Miss Eight created two pieces. Her inspiration for her first creation was the fabric. She used the yellow fabric featuring flowers and birds to create a dress for a girl.

Picture 99 fabric collage - girl with plaits

Miss Eight also created a face.

Picture 101 fabric collage - girl's face

Master Six was keen to use the dog fabric and started cutting out the dogs from the fabric. He wanted to create a picture with himself in it, so he decided to use the fabric to make a picture of him walking dogs. He added fluffy clouds to complete this piece.

Picture 107 fabric collage - walking dogs

Miss Four had some trouble cutting the fabric. She chose the fabric she wanted to use and drew her features on the fabric. I cut them out and she glued them onto her chosen scrapbook paper to create this delightful girl.

Picture 104 fabric collage - girl with long hair

Miss Four also made a face and used buttons for the features.

Picture 111 fabric collage - face with buttons