This week saw us return to the use of DVD cases as whiteboards – this time to create fanciful self portraits. The first time we used DVD cases as a whiteboard was as a resource to help my son with letter formation – I wrote about this here.

This time it was all about letting the imagination run wild as my children came up with costumes and disguises for themselves! We are fans of  getting creative and transforming ourselves with some fancy dress ups as can be seen in our play dough dress up post which can be found here.

To create fanciful self portraits on DVD cases you need:

– DVD case

– Paper cut to size to slip behind the cover of the case (I glued photos of my children’s faces onto the paper)

– Dry Erase markers

– Paper towel, or something to use as an eraser

Picture 123 DVD case self portraits

This is one of those activities that you could easily make portable and have with you, ready to go at any time. Thin pens fit inside the DVD case and you could also add spare paper cut to size, as well as some cloths to use as erasers.

Miss Seven included some “face painting” on some of her creations and was excited to create fancy dresses:

Picture 33 DVD case self portraits

Miss Seven also experimented with adding patterns to her dresses. She used her finger to erase the markers and create stripes and swirls on some of her creations.

Picture 58 DVD case self portrait

Master Five liked the idea of becoming a yellow character with great big brown ears!

Picture 56 DVD case self portrait

Miss Three was excited about the idea of being a superhero and was very interested in adding masks and capes onto her photo.

Picture 39 DVD case self portraits

Miss Three’s favourite part was wiping off the ink from the markers.

Picture 28 DVD case self portrait

An alternative idea could be to cut pictures from magazines and catalogues and glue them onto the paper. Children could then use these pictures as a source of inspiration to draw more details to create a scene.