Looks like we could be in for another week of rain, so we’ve got you covered for playful ways to fill your days.

Over the coming week we will be sharing lots of fun, easy to facilitate  play ideas and creative experiences that are perfect for gloomy, rainy days.

Let’s kick off with five ideas:

Filling Rainy Days

1. Embrace the rain

Use the rain to create art. Drop a few drops of different coloured food colouring on a paper plate and during a period of a light shower let the raindrops fall onto the plate. Tilt the plate from side to side and up and down as the colours mix and dribble over the paper plate.

Admire your creations. The beauty of an experience like this is that memories are made and the finished pieces serve as reminders of the fun that was had creating in the rain.

2. Small World Play

Some favourite small world play experiences we have enjoyed include:

Creating small worlds on textured tiles. Cover thick pieces of cardboard with different textured fabrics, or wrap yarn around cardboard to make textured tiles. These are used to inspire small world play. Some examples include:

Fairy Land. Quite a few of the items here (felt mushrooms, rabbits, little bird house were purchased in the post Easter sales. Items like these are versatile and can be used in a number of small world playscapes.  This fluffy pink tile was made by wrapping the pink yarn around cardboard.

A farm play scene. Try adding natural resources like stones or flowers to a scene like this. This tile was also made by wrapping the green yarn around a piece of cardboard.

Children may enjoy creating their own pieces for a small world scene. For example, transform a brown paper bag into a fairy tree; use matchboxes to create fairy beds and mushroom bases and add some paper flowers to create a gorgeous fairy land – perfect for creating stories full of adventure.

Partly fill a container with black beans, add some trucks and you have a play time construction site.

3. Make dress ups for toys

Try using some brown or white paper bags as the canvas to create some colourful outfits for the special toys in your home. Decorate with items such as stickers, pom poms, ribbon,coloured paper, doilies, flowers and feathers.

4. Throw a party for a toy

You can make this as simple or detailed as you like.

If you are anything like my daughter you need a to do list when planning such a party.

Decorations: My children enjoy making bunting which involves cutting up a stack of triangles, decorating them and then either threading them onto wool, or securing the bunting some other way to the party area.

Birthday cake: Often the “cakes” for the toys are made from shoe boxes (they are covered in white paper and then this acts as the canvas to make a cake, whether it be a play dough cake like this:

or a show box cake where crafts items are glued onto the boxes. If you prefer a mess free version of this, secure clear contact, sticky side facing out, for children to secure craft items to decorate the “cake”.

Food: Make food from coloured paper, felt, craft materials or use whatever play food you have on hand. Sometimes we might bake some treats for a toy party too (any excuse to bake some goodies).

Presents: it has become tradition to make a pressie for the birthday toy – a crown or piece of jewellery are often favourites.

Once all the preparations have been completed, it’s time for the party to begin.

The birthday toy wearing some new birthday presents.

Time to turn the music up and have a dance.

5. Bake

Fill the house with the aroma of freshly bakes treats.