Recently Master Five reminded us about our foam wood construction set that we had put away. When a toy /resource has not been seen for a while, there is usually a renewed sense of enthusiasm for it when it reappears and lots of inspiration for creative play. Over the past few weeks this has been a hot favourite in our home and we are having a whole lot of creative fun constructing all sorts of imaginative creations with this.

My mum bought Master Five this kit:

Picture 023 Foam wood kit

Given that my older two children  love to use the “saw” we have a lot of small foam wood pieces.  Every time we sit down to create, it starts out something like this:

Picture 090 creating with foam wood set

The last two times we created with this, I challenged my two older children to select one or two pieces and use this to inspire a creation. I was blown away what they came up with!

Master Five selected two pieces (the head and body pictured below). He then hammered in a nail to secure these two pieces and said that this reminded him of a dinosaur.

Picture 001 Foam wood dinosaur

He then wanted his dinosaur to have spikes on his back (he needed some help securing these). I love how he used some small triangles to make the feet.

Miss Seven, with a little help, created a dog. Her inspiration was the piece she found for the face, she  loved that it had a little piece sticking out. Miss Seven commented this piece would be perfect for a dog. Miss Seven was even more excited to find “a great tail”. The trickiest bit was creating the legs so that the dog could balance (we worked together on this).

Picture 100 Foam wood dog

Master Five created a face using different pieces.

Picture 124 Foam wood face

Master Five also created a car with an aerieal.

Picture 020 foam wood car

When Miss Seven started dismantling the dog (we were running out of nails and had to take apart some of our creations), she realised the remaining pieces could be transformed into a person. She decided that she wanted to make a person holding a balloon.

Picture 134 Foam wood person holding balloon

The body and legs for this person were part of the dog creation. Miss Seven added the head and arms. There was some experimenting with the balloon! The nose for this person was a happy accident. Miss Seven was trying to attach some hair (the triangle piece) and accidentally hammered the nail through the face. But, she quickly realised this made for a great nose!

I’m delighted that Master Five re-introduced us to this experience as we are all having a lot of fun creating with it.