I have seen giant bubbles on the internet and when I came across the  Homemade Giant Bubbles Recipe over at Happy Hooligans I was inspired to give them a try with my children. The bubbles recipe provided by Happy Hooligans is so easy to make and the best bit……..it produces giant bubbles!

To see the five ingredients to make this bubble solution as well as the method, pop over to The Happy Hooligans Homemade Giant Bubbles Recipe.

Just remember to allow your solution to sit for at least an hour before you try and use it.

The longer you play with this solution the larger the bubbles become.

At first we were hard pressed to produce any bubbles. A few small ones and then it happened. Miss Eight produced this:

Picture 346 big bubbles

More success and lots of ooooohs and aaaahs as bigger and bigger bubbles were appearing.

Picture 494 big bubbles

Master Six blowing a big bubble:

Picture 355 big bubbles

Picture 385 big bubbles

Picture 388 big bubbles

Picture 470 big bubbles

Miss Four was captivated by these bubbles and was super keen to produce her own large bubbles. At first Miss Four had some help from Daddy.

Picture 408 big bubbles

Picture 403 big bubbles

My hubby also experimented with different ways to produce the bubbles.

Picture 337 big bubbles

He had the most success with the method suggested over at Happy Hooligans – raise arms high and walk backwards (interestingly, none of our children experienced any success producing bubbles this way).

Picture 460 big bubbles

This bubble mixture is now a  favourite thimg to do. With our warmer temps starting to kick in, I know we will be spending a lot more time experimenting with and enjoying these fabulously fun bubbles.