There’s not a day that goes by in our home without new drawings being created – it could be on a piece of paper, in art journals, outside on our paved areas, on the iPad, or on the windows. When it comes to drawing, we like to mix it up by exploring new materials and experimenting with different sorts of canvases. A tried and tested drawing idea that is a favourite with my three children is drawing with glue and then covering this glue outline with sand and glitter.

Glue, sand and glitter drawings

To create these pieces Miss Eight was explaining to her siblings that the key is to start with a basic design, nothing too detailed or complicated. Miss Eight then drew a picture of a face to illustrate her point.

Outline for glue, glitter and sand drawing

Master Six also decided on a character for his creation.

Glue, glitter and sand drawing outline

Once the design is drawn, it is time to drizzle glue over the outline.

tracing with glue for glue, sand and glitter drawings

Then, let the fun begin as colour is added with coloured sand and glitter. Miss four places her creations in one of our old baking trays that we use for art activities. This helps contain the spread of glitter and sand. It also makes it easy to then lift the creation and shake off any excess glitter and or sand into the tray.

sprinkling glitter for glue, sand and glitter drawings

Miss Eight’s finished piece is bright and sparkly. Miss Eight has named her creation Lady Victoria.

Glue, sand and glitter lady

Master Six’s delightful and happy character:

glue, sand and glitter character

Miss Four created this clown with “puffy pants and the sparkliest shoes you ever did see”Glue, sand and glitter clown

Miss Four also wanted to create a piece on white paper. Miss four was in her element creating rainbow sparkly hair!

Glue, sand and glitter person

These pieces are fun to create and look lovely when the sunlight hits them. I love seeing these creations hanging in our home and always enjoy a bit of sparkly art.