Here’s another Halloween activity from our archives – a centre piece for the table to add some fun and colour to Halloween festivities.

Picture 065 Decorative Halloween Pumpkin

This was our first experience with paper mache. Since then we have used paper mache to create a few other pieces. We’ve incorporated paper mache into a fairy house and an Easter table decoration.

The blog post about our fairy house can be seen here.

The blog post about the Easter table decoration can be seen here.

For our Halloween decoration, we covered a balloon with paper mache. The process in outlined in  this blog post.

Once our “pumpkin” was dry (at the time we made this,  my children who glued the strips of paper onto the balloon were aged 2 and 4, so think very wet, gluey balloon which took days to dry) it was time to give it a coat of orange paint.

Picture 012 painting pumpkin for halloween

At the time we made this, my older daughter helped make the witch, cauldron and broomstick for inside the “pumpkin”.

Picture 038  Halloween decorations for pumpkin

To make the witch, we used a polystyrene oval shape for the head and attached this to two kebab sticks. We used blue cardboard for the “dress” and cupcake liners for the witches cape. The hair was created from coloured wood shavings. We used green popsicle sticks and coloured matchsticks to make the broom. The cauldron is a recycled yogurt container that was painted black.

Once the inside of the pumpkin was assembled it was time to decorate the outside. At the time this was created, I sourced the black cat and crow on the top of the pumpkin from the blog, A Fanciful Twist. These printable can be found here.