Master Five has combined drawing with sewing (he has been learning to sew with his older sister) and come up with an adorable creation.

Picture 072 hand stitched puppy drawing

Master Five drew the dog on felt and cut around it. I secured the dog on the non slip mat (we bought from our local cheap shop) with pins.

Over several days, Master Five patiently sewed the pieces onto the mat. My children need help threading the needle and tying the knot at the end of the yarn. Sometimes we have a few tangles that they need help undoing. The good thing about hand stitching is that it is very forgiving, we can always unpick the sewing if required. They also need assistance to tie off at the end. Over time and with some practice they will be able to independently do these steps.

Picture 011 sewing drawings

We found out the hard way that it is not wise to sew a piece ofย  felt onto the mat and then try and hand stitch other felt pieces onto this. My older daughter really struggled with this as two pieces of felt were quite thick and difficult to sew through.

Picture 047 hand stitched puppy drawing

Once Master Five completed the dog (with some assistance with the buttons, tongue and nose), he wanted to add some additional pieces. He wanted to include a blue ball with a red stripe and some grass.

Miss Three was not impressed that she was not allowed to use the sewing needles. I had some lacing cards for her, but they didn’t cut it for her. She wanted to make a collage instead, so I set her up with some contact and she was happy for a little while sticking buttons, felt scraps and wool pieces onto the contact. The materials that kept her most engaged were the felt pens, a piece of felt, our button collection and some wool scraps. Miss Three was very busy creating people. I loved watching her come up with lots of different faces with a few basic supplies.

Picture 041 T's button and felt face

ย So much time, patience, determination and effort went into this gorgeous creation.

Picture 079 hand stitched drawing of  dog by B