Recently we made confetti hearts to create our garlands for Valentine’s Day (you can read about these heart garlands here). This involved my children using our heart shaped punches. We gathered quite a collection of hearts, which meant a lot of hole punch scraps as well. Looking at the bundles of scraps we thought we could make something with them. We decided to use these scraps to create heart themed collages.

Heart shape collages for blog

To create these collages we compiled our collection of hole punch scraps and had some coloured paper on hand to use as our canvases.

Picture 272 heart collage materials for Valentine's Day art

Initially, my older children chose to create scenes and I was really impressed with how they manipulated the hole punch scraps to turn their vision into creative pieces. Miss Three was designing colourful abstract pieces.

Picture 281 Creating heart collages for Valentine's Day art

Miss Seven came up with an sweet piece which she has called “Chasing Butterflies” (I love the name of her creation).

Picture 287 heart collage for Valentine's Day - Catching Butterflies

Master Five wanted to use the hole punch scraps to make a dog and a robot. He combined his two ideas to create a clever piece featuring two dogs, going for a walk, with a robot in the sun! It was fascinating to watch him experiment with the scraps to produce this artwork.

Picture 293 heart collage for Valentine's Day - puppies and robot in the sun

Miss Seven cut around one of the big red hearts and placed a small yellow heart within it. Miss Seven wanted to make a “creature” and was experimenting with the googly eyes when she said that these shapes reminded her of an owl. Using the owl as the starting point and inspiration for this piece, Miss Seven and I created this owl in a tree.

Picture 307 heart collage for Valentine's Day - owl in tree

Master Five wanted to create a robot. He wanted to make it with me and this is what we produced:

Picture 291 heart collage for Valentine's Day - robot

The boys (my hubby and Master Five) decided to create a fish and came up with this colourful  character:

Picture 296 heart collage for Valentine's Day - fish

This was a great exercise in creativity – turning what could have been rubbish into lovely pieces of art.