Ever since my eldest daughter (who is six years old) saw the stunning artwork¬† “Beauty in the Sky” by Fiona Slater she has been fascinated with it and intrigued about the process behind its creation.

The gorgeous artwork “Beauty in the Sky”:

Picture 177 Beauty In the Sky

Over the weekend Miss Six had a go at creating her own Fiona Slater inspired artwork and this is what she came up:

Miss Six decided that she needed to create a vibrant piece of paper first – filled with bright colours and bold patterns. Miss Six used felt pens to do this.

Picture 006 patterned paper for Rainbow Surprise

Miss Six then drew a picture on another piece of paper (a picture of a girl holding three balloons and standing under a tree, amongst some flowers with a rabbit nearby). Once the drawing was complete, I used a Stanley Knife to cut out certain pieces (as instructed by Miss Six). To create the land, Miss Six used a heart shaped hole punch to create “grass”.

The finished piece: Rainbow Surprise.

Picture 013 Rainbow Surprise artwork

Fiona’s artwork was a wonderful source of inspiration for my daughter and it encouraged her to experiment, explore, discover and create a beautiful piece of art.