I recently came across “21 Questions to Ask Your Kids” on Pinterest and thought I would give this interview a go with my older two children. It makes for a wonderful keepsake and we have have included the interviews in my children’s journals (which I wrote about here).

21 Questions to Ask Your Kids.

Interview with my six year old daughter.Responses recorded exactly how my daughter answered each question.

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?

I love you. You also say “put your head over the plate” nearly every day.

2. What makes Mummy happy?


3. What makes Mummy sad?

Us not listening

4. How does Mummy make you laugh?

Funny jokes and crazy dancing, we love to dance (oh yes we do)

5. What was Mummy like as a child?

A little bit naughty, you drew on the walls and put chewing gum in Aunty Nae’s hair.(My children love to hear stories about our childhoods)

6. How old is Mummy?

Are you 40? (Not quite yet)

7. How tall is Mummy?

150 metres

8. What is Mummy’s favourite thing to do?

Make things, art and craft.

9. What does Mummy do when you’re not around?


10. If Mummy becomes famous, what will it be for?

Mmmmmm, probably making things and craft.

11. What is Mummy really good at?

Taking care of us (awww, how sweet is that?)

12. What is Mummy not very good at?

Cartwheels ( I recently had a cartwheel incident in our front yard. When I was about ten years old I used to be able to do a cartwheel and land in the splits. For some ridiculous reason I thought my body nearly thirty years on and three babies later would be able to muster up some kind of half decent cartwheel. I certainly don’t feel like I have aged that much. Anyway, I was wrong, very wrong. Nope, it’s curtains for cartwheels for me.

13. What does Mummy do for her job?

Art classes

14. What is Mummy’s favourite food?

Parfaits (we like to experiment with toppings and flavours when it comes to parfaits)

15. What makes you proud of Mummy?

Does that mean what you do that makes me proud? Mmm, let’s see. I know, playing with us all day long.

16. If Mummy were a cartoon character, who would she be?

Cinderella, no wait, probably the Fairy Godmother.

17. What do you and Mummy do together?

We have dates, go to movies, play, practically everything.

18. How are you and Mummy the same?

We both laugh at the same things.

19. How are you and Mummy different?

You have a pimple and I don’t. (Can you believe it? I rarely have a pimple, but yes, right now I am sporting one on my chin.)

20. How do you know Mummy loves you?

 You treat us like you love us.

21. Where is Mummy’s favourite place to go?

Movies with me.

I’ll be sharing my four year old son’s responses soon.

If you have already done this, or choose to give it a go, please let me know – I would love to hear your child’s responses.