We love a creative challenge and one of our  favourite ways to achieve this is through an invitation to create. These school holidays have seen us enjoy several fun invitations to create. These invitations involve combining a selection of resources (for example, it could be natural resources, bits and bobs from the hardware store, craft supplies or art materials) to create with.  These invitations are quick and simple to put together. I love how excited my children are when they discuss and brainstorm ideas and possibilities given the materials on hand. I always enjoy listening to the discussion that is generated by these set ups. These invitations always inspire unique creative pieces.

The latest invitation to create included paper towel tubes, aluminium foil, paper and tape.

Picture 1 cardboard tube and aluminium foil invitation to create

Master Six was quick to decide that he wanted to create a dog with these resources (the girls were unwell at the time so did not participate in this). Master Six wanted to create a free standing dog and was very focused on designing legs that could stand up – there was some trial and error involved to achieve this. Master Six and I then discussed different options for creating the head and he was excited to discover that the neck of the dog could slide into the paper tube. He scrunched up paper “like a chicken drumstick” to create the head and neck of the dog. Once he had the basic shape we were able to cover the paper in aluminium foil to create the desired head shape. Master Six then crafted some pointy ears and a tongue for the dog and secured these with sticky tape. He originally made a set of eyes  from the foil but did not like the look of them so instead used paper to create the eyes.

Picture 24 cardboard tube and aluminium foil dog

The aluminium  foil then inspired a robot creation. Master Six used many of the design features from the dog in this creation.

Picture 44 cardboard tube and aluminium foil invitation to create robot