Inspired by our recently created light up miniature houses (which you can read about here), my girls decided to create kinetic sand fairy lands. These small worlds led to some of the sweetest stories, packed with fairy adventures, including fairies sinking in sand!

Picture 116 kinetic sand fairy land with title

Miss Seven positioned her miniature light up fairy house first and then was keen to create a colourful flower garden complete with small mushrooms and stones. Next Miss Seven wanted to create a special place for the magical fairy dust so she created a “podium” (as she called it) from one of those plastic goblets – turned upside down –¬† from the cheap shop. Then for some magical elements – the rainbow stream made from colourful beads and the golden egg by the palm trees (Miss Seven informs me this golden egg “grants wishes”). My husband has been creating steps in his recent kinetic sand sculptures so Miss Seven was able to replicate this idea to create stepping stones in her fairy garden.

Picture 123 kinetic sand fairy land with title

A closer view of some of the fairy garden: the “little trees” by the side of the fairy house are pieces we cut from bunches of fake flowers.

Picture 140 kinetic sand fairy land

Picture 142 kinetic sand fairy land

After Miss Seven created this wonderful land she was able to enjoy it with her little sister.

Picture 172 kinetic sand fairy land

Miss Three also created a fairy land in our pink sand and water table. This was a colourful fairy land with a fairy garden for the fairies to play hide and seek (how cute is that?) as well as mushrooms that we made from plastic eggs (with some sparkly foam shapes secured onto them) and the outer case from matchboxes as the base. We have used this idea before to make mushrooms and it is our “go to” idea if we don’t have any fairy mushrooms on hand.

Picture 175 kinetic sand fairy land

These sweet  fairly lands led to some delightful fairy stories.

Picture 217 kinetic sand fairy land