We have quite the stash of those large bubble wrap envelopes, so I gave my cherubs the challenge of  transforming a couple of these into some sort of costume.

Miss (recently turned) Three was busy sticking different pieces onto her costume, Master Four was keen to use ribbon and yarn on his creation and Miss Six experimented with foil and attempted to make a hat.

After experimenting with different materials and learning through trial and error we ended up with three unique creations.

Miss Six wanted to make a fancy hat. After her attempt at making a foil hat (which didn’t take her fancy) she decided to use a brown paper bag to make a colourful hat.

This hat went together with a tissue paper top and bubble wrap skirt.

Here’s a closer look at the skirt:

Master Four set about creating a costume with a mask and came up with this:

Miss Three (as of a week ago) surprised us all when she started wrapping tissue paper around her feet and saying “soooos”. I helped her make a pair of shoes and she was tickled pink with her creation.

A clearer photo of Miss Three’s costume: